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My go to Hooks for most projects

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

The right tool can add joy to your project. It's so important to find the ones you love!!

I wanted to do a quick blog post on hooks. I think a beauty of yarn crafts is that we all will find what works for us and enhances our individual art, so ultimately that's what you're after. I hope this helps you find a hook that works for you! There are many wonderful tools out there and I think sometimes we reach for different ones depending on the project were knitting or crocheting. Throughout my project if I've only had to focus on my yarn, and never reminded of what hook I'm using, that to me is an amazing tool! It added to my experience rather then frustrated or didn't support me throughout it lol. If it tugs on the yarn, catches, or simply has no grip to the yarn at all, this can affect your gauge, causing the rows not to match up and after all the hours involved in a project, I personally pass on those tools.

Today i'm just simply sharing my go to hooks for most of my crochet projects. The one I wanted to share today was my Clover Amour Hooks

Price: I do love a a tool that has a nice price, which these do. I find these work so well with most yarns I use them on that I'm always shocked they don't cost more. The tips are aluminum so like most hooks, if you drop them outside, they can get a scratch and that will forever tug on your yarn. However it doesn't break your bank to replace. So I enjoy that because I don't get too upset if I'm clumsy lol.

Grip: This hook I find also supports an individuals grip. We all will have a comfort grip of how we hold a hook, whats best for us, and I think this one works amazingly for that!! I can't use hooks with a set in mold for where your hands go. This one has a slightly over sized grip too making it so my hands never ache. Win win!!!

Easy to find you hook: Each hook has a special color associated to it, green, lime green, hot pink etc., which makes it really easy to find it in your bag. I don't have to check each size on the handle when I know I was using my hot pink hook for this wip etc. Sometimes those simple little characteristics add to an organization factor for me with a project. If I forgot to write down my hook size I can easily think, or, that was the lime green hook!

No paid links or anything, not a sponsored post, just a little sharing of my normal go to hooks.

Enjoy!! Be cozy! Be kind!

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