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Arundel Shawl - Crochet

Posted on August 16, 2020

Arundel Shawl

By Whistle & Wool


Ravelry-Whistle and Wool

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Sizes: One size

This shawl has a lovely Fall/Winter cozy mood with each color block melting into the next color block. With it’s relaxing repetition of stitches, a simple lace detailing gives it a delicate texture. It’s long length gives it many wearable/wrap options.

Click here for the Kit by Lionbrand Yarn, to get the Pattern and all the Cobblestone yarn needed to make this Shawl :)

Click here to purchase the PDF pattern on Etsy, Ravelry and Lovecrafts.

I love an affordable project, especially when it doesn't look affordable. This only took 3 skeins, keeping it just under $15 to make. If you're needing to make special, personalized gifts, this would be an amazing option. These shawls make a nice relaxing project, and something to just wind down with at the end of the day. Have you tried the new Cobblestone yarn from Lionbrand yet? That's what I used and I would definitely love to work with it again. A nice medium weight worsted yarn by Lionbrand. My instant thought about this yarn was finding a super soft, medium worsted weight yarn, but not quite an Aran. It was so soft that even after crocheting a while, it still felt weightless and flowed through my hands. Even when completed I was pleasantly surprised how weightless this felt. It had an unbelievable drape, I was able to twist and tie this in so many combos, it kept me warm, yet I didn't feel like I was wearing anything.

Here's some quick deets on it:

1. It comes in one size, Adult

2. Constructed in one piece.

3. Ch counts as a stitch in this pattern. This creates a straighter edge.

This garment would easily work for children size too. Shawls have a great transitional sizing that looks amazing on everyone. When my little's bundle up in this, they look adorable, so I didn't make a separate size for the kiddos, because I really felt like the one size worked on everyone. You can even add a wee knotting detail on the beginning end of this to shorten it up, or add a stylish flare.

On all of my patterns I love to include a fun dip into history behind the location I've named my design after.

A bit of History behind the name:

Arundel, England: (/ˈærəndəl/ or locally /ˈɑːndəl/) is a market town and civil parish in a steep vale of the South Downs, West Sussex, Home to Arundel Castle

and seat of the Duke of Norfolk.

The name comes from Old English Harhunedell, "valley of horehound", and is first recorded in the Domesday Book. Folk etymology, however, connects the name with the Old French word arondelle "swallow", a diminutive form of arunde or aronde, and swallows appear on the town's arms.

Please see “www.wikipedia.com” for more history behind the name.

If like me, you always do a gauge swatch just to make sure the size listed will be what you end up with, this pattern will be very forgiving. If you can match stitches per inch, that's the important part. The row length will be worked out through the directions in the pattern. Here's some helpful gauge tips I always include on my patterns too.

**Please check your gauge before you start this Pattern: Swatching for gauge is very important. It does take a few minutes to do but it ensures that the finished size of your piece will match the sizes given in the pattern. A change in your stitches per inch can affect your overall width measurements. A difference in your rows can affect your length for this piece.

*Start with the suggested hook size:

  • If your swatch per inches is larger, then you need to swatch again using a smaller hook.

  • If your swatch per inches is smaller, then you need to swatch again using a larger hook.

Getting a close and accurate swatch will get you to the exact measurements given for the pattern.

**This Pattern is a copyright of Whistle and Wool© so you may not copy, alter, adjust, share, record, redistribute or resell my pattern. No tutorials or any kind of demonstrations may be made using any information contained in my pattern. I do not mind if you wish to sell a completed HANDMADE item and you are a small independently owned business, however, you do not have permission to use ANY of my photos. If you do sell a completed item, please list credit of the design belonging to me, Whistle and Wool and a link to my shop. www.WhistleandWool.com

What all do you need to make this one?

Materials needed:

Lionbrand, Cobblestone, #4 weight, 219 yards

  • Skeins: 3, 1 each of the following

  • Color A-Sphinx

  • Color B-Fallen Rock

  • Color C-Slate

Hook: Clover Amour, J (6mm)

Large-eyed blunt Needle for yarn (Seaming & Weaving in your ends)

Stitch Marker (optional)

Thank you so much for your shop support! I hope you love it!! If you need any help or have questions along the way, please contact me via Email. The pattern is available in all of my shops, links on the main page of my website.

I would also love to direct you to the Arundel Kit through Lionbrand Yarn.

What I love about these kits is you can pick any color of the Cobblestone yarn for your personal shawl, and you get everything delivered right to your door! Click here to get the Pattern and all the Cobblestone Yarn needed to make this Shawl :)


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