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Cobblestone Sweater - Knit Pattern

My friends, I'm loving this sweater! If you want to be super comfy when the weather cools down, this sea of garter will have you in calm mode in no time. Whether you’re a a pro knitter, or a beginner whose knit stitch is flowing off the needles, you’ll love this pattern. It’s worked in easy-to-create panels, and the soothing garter stitch just lulls you into calmness at the end of a busy day.

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Around mid summer before I started designing my Fall layers, I knew I needed a casual, but pretty, garter stitch sweater. That wardrobe staple was stuck in my mind! I love a good garter stitch and this one is one of my fave designs to date!

Paired with leggings and slippers, this can be your ultimate cozy and soft sweater. Mix it with jeans and high heels, and you are ready for Friday night. Using the garter stitch makes it a great relaxing project for all skill levels. Lots of positive ease makes this sweater have that boyfriend style fit while giving you that comfortable drape and squishy comfort!

Keep in mind with a paneled sweater, there is lots of customizing you can do. First off, with lots of ease you can also go down a size for a more fitted look - just double check the chest and sleeve sizes to match yourself up right. This is a big reason why I created this in panels. I love the flexibility of customizing a paneled sweater. HOW CAN YOU CUSTOMIZE IT? Let me help there.

With a lot of positive ease, the first customization you can do, is pick your fit. You can actually size down, for a more fitted look, or up for an even more oversize cozy wear. Or, say you want a loose body, but a more fitted arm?

Create the body in your standard size, then look at the next size down measurement for the arm, make sure it would fit, then pick up that amount of stitches instead. The same can be made for the neck. Say the body size and fit stated is perfect, but you want a bit more room in the neck area, seam the shoulders according to the next size up. This will give you the opening indicated on the pattern next to that size. With this pattern too, you can easily add length or shorten the body and the sleeves. I give you tips and let you know when, and how to do that.

For me, this one is oversize in the body and the sleeves. I'm a Medium and made that size. It's a super comfy and silky feel...and I love it! I added little panel slits on the sides during the seaming process, just for the extra bit of comfort when wearing this over leggings and to give it those details that keep this from looking like a beginner pattern. I also love this ribbing for that very reason. To me it adds a slight detail from the standard rib.

The yarn I used will definitely show up in more designs too! The Cobblestone Yarn is a great medium worsted. It's soft in the skein and some how becomes softer when knit up. It has a slight swirl of white in every shade with a simply lovely texture. I made my crochet Arundel Shawl in this as well, and raved about it then too!

It's affordable and so worth it! I appreciate you so much supporting my designs!! It means the world to me! It also makes it possible for me to keep bringing you more designs and creating things I love to share! Nothing's better than meeting more maker friends along the way!

You can also pick this up as a wonderful kit! You can select any shade in this line you like, on the Lionbrand Yarn website. This kit starts at only $14.97!! See how affordable, great gifts too! Just be sure to un-select the tools if you have them to only purchase the kit.

To pick up the PDF, please visit any one of the following shops:

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Pattern Sizes: XS (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3X, 4X)

Finished measurements: In inches Chest: 6-8 inch positive ease, included - 36 (40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64)“

Skill Level: A confident Beginner, will learn how to pick up Sleeve stitches.

What you need: Yarn: Lionbrand, Cobblestone, #4 weight, 219 yards, 3.5oz in “Misty Rose” Skeins: 3 (4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6) Needles: Worked Flat. Addi Turbos, Circulars, 10 (6 mm), 16in interchangeable cord or one long enough for body sts Scissors Stitch Marker (optional) Yarn Needle for seaming and weaving in ends

Be Cozy, Be Kind! I N S T A G R A M: @whistleandwool

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