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Cottage Cardigan:A quick and easy knit!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Another fun knit in the books! I worked up another Cardigan, as I can never have too many, and I can't wait to wear this one all Spring! Garments are definitely a fave to make, and when you combine this Thick and Quick to the project, you're done before you know it. There is something so satisfying about have such a a good chunk of the body panel worked up within a few hours :) Once I see a big portion coming together I feel good about setting it down to come back when I have more time, because I can see the vision coming together.

Fisherman is one of my favorite colors in this line but there's so many other go-tos I have. With this color I can see my self throwing this on top of most outfits throughout a busy mom day and it'll go beautifully. I could envision the Cottage Cardi in the Marble Grey (a nice cool marble grey), Succulent (a mint green with a cool grey undertone, "Lionbrands Color of the Year"), Slate (a cool tone dark grey) and Barley (which is a lovely tweedy brown).

I created a slight v-neck to the front for a simple shaping and I just loved the modern clean lines it added once the ribbing pulled it all together. You could wear this with any outfit, from a flowy dress to jeans and a button up, the list goes on. I created a silhouette that I felt would be another "go-to Cardigan" addition to your wardrobe.

You can also pick up the Kit via Lionbrand.com as well. This is a fantastic option as all the yarn and pattern get delivered right to your door! They also have some color options to chose from so you could even make a few for extra wardrobe options


For just the PDF version to stash bust your own Woolease, visit my shop tabs and chose your favorite medium, Ravely or Etsy.

I hope you love it!

The Cottage Sweater

By Whistle & Wool



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Size: XS ( S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X)

A bit of History behind the name: The Cottage Sweater

A cottage is, typically, a small house. In modern usage, a cottage is usually a modest, often cosy dwelling, typically in a rural or semi-rural location.The word comes from the architecture of England, where it originally referred to a house with ground floor living space and an upper floor of one or more bedrooms fitting under the eaves. Originally in the Middle Ages, cottages housed agricultural workers and their families. The term cottage denoted the dwelling of a cotter. Thus, in the Middle Ages, the word cottage denoted not just a dwelling, but included at least a dwelling and a barn, as well as, usually, a fenced yard or piece of land enclosed by a gate. The word is probably a blend of Old English cot, cote "hut" and Old French cot "hut, cottage", from Old Norse kot "hut".

For more history behind the name visit : www.wikipedia.com

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About Me:

I was taught to knit as a little girl and it was something I instantly loved and found so calming.

On a cold and rainy English day, my Gran taught me something that would forever remind me of her.

A feeling that would ring in my head just about every time I pick up my needles. For just a moment, I am back in England with my Gran, enjoying the inside. A beautiful grey moody sky going on around me.


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