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Crayola Loopy Funness!!

Loopy Funness!!

I love a good, fun and easy yarn to work with and this one was fun!! Crayola is a nostalgic word that always brings fun and colorful vibes in our minds! This yarn followed suit beautifully!! Also I can’t mention enough, just how soft this yarn is!!

When I first saw Lionbrand debuted this yarn, my initial thought behind it was making some fun and simple summer patterns that the kiddos and I could make over the Summer vacay. This would be perfect when it was too warm to play outside (100+ temps). Some fun indoor crafts are needed anytime of the year I think! This yarn definitely has a mental stimulation that calms, similar to what you also get with crochet and knitting, but I think it also had an element of fun! Looping the loops kind of reminded me of putting together a puzzle. It was hard to put down because going from loop to loop was very rhythmic and soothing. I had help from my 6 year old designing and working up these 2 patterns I have coming out soon and she loved helping me loop the rows, in fact taking over for a bit!

So, with some simple shapes I created a few things that you could easily make for your little one or share in the crafting together. I included lots of pictures for any easy step by step instructions, from start to finish, so kiddos can really get into the pattern with you!

These Crayola colors also make such a lovely rainbow! I think you could even make a fun blanket, and really get crafty with these as even a side present/project!! Right off the bat I knew I had to make something with that popping bright Yellow and Pink! Two favorites in my house!

A really simple project I designed, using a long rectangle, is a fun backpack!! It only has 2 side seams which use a simple whip stitch that doesn’t require sewing skills. This yarn is so forgiving, a simple spiral stitch had a lovely finish! The straps and drawstring also used this lovely and versatile Loop yarn! This works for toddlers size and up. I think after most walks or park trips we all have some rocks, leaves and sticks that make its way home with us. This backpack will be a perfect little catch all to some things our little adventurers want to carry around or bring home as little finds! Having something so fun and functional to really show off to the family and work into their day to day makes the whole summer project with you even more exciting!

The other fun summer project I had to make was a giant floor pillow! You can have this fun Animal Pillow case that fits over any standard Twin size pillow much easier than you would think!!

When you feel how soft this yarn is, you will know why something cuddly had to be made with it. If you also love movie nights and fun board games with the kids, this project can easily be a comfy seat or spot for them to be as cozy as can be, whilst it being fun!!! This also used a simple rectangle shape for the body and the head. This was a longer project to make but with these loops, it’s a lot quicker then you would think! I also loved that my littles were able to help with this one too since it didn't’ require any shaping etc. With a few side seams for the pillow cover and a weaving stitch that I cinched together on the head rectangle piece at a certain point, the ears created themselves! My kids have loved this which made me a happy crafty mama! This goes with them every time they want to be cozy, day and night! I also made this so that it can easily be removed for hand washing if needed. This particular design shows how easily you can include more colors. I included 1 skein of the Princess Pink shade from Lionbrands standard OTH line, to really make this Crayola Pink pop and show some dimension to those cute little ears!

Both of these patterns are available on Lionbrand Yarn as a kit! That means you can pick up the Pattern and all the yarn needed, in your choice of shades, at a great discount!! WIN WIN!! I will also have the Patterns available here on my Blog and Ravelry!! I hope you have as much happy crafting with these as we did!! I also have some lovely Crayola Blue and Green that i’m working up some more simple Summer crafts with that I will post on soon!

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