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The Knit Wetherby Cape

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Did I make a wearable blanket? Yep! This is my Knit version and I also made one for all of us crochet lovers too! It's on the next post.

The Wetherby Cape was my response to being so cold as Fall started creeping into winter that, wouldn't it be great to just stay bundled under that blanket and be oh so cozy and warm? The nice thing about the Wetherby Cape is it doesn't look like any old blanket hehe. For this fun design the stitch was just as fun as the yarn! I used Color Made Easy which even on its own is a lovely chunky yarn, but I held it double. This totally upped the bouncy and chunky soft factor!!! On top of that it worked up in no time!

I also really love the name of this one as it's named after one of my family home towns! When I get a chance to go back and see my cousins, Uncles and Aunts, this is the town I venture too! Full of all the lovely history I've always enjoyed, beautiful green foot paths and places to venture. I also instantly feel comfort when I walk into the town center and see the bakery we always take time to visit for a morning pastry or sausage roll. Yum!! We also make sure to pick up some bread to go and feed the ducks with by the bridge! Always my little's favorite thing to do, followed by a lovely walk by the river before setting off on a daily adventure to do something fun with their cousins.

All December 2019 you can get all the yarn you need for this Knit beauty on the Lionbrand Website under my Designer page, at 40% off making it super affordable as a treat to yourself, or someone you love! Use CODE: DEC40 at checkout.

LINK: http://www.lionbrand.com/designers/whistle-and-wool?sscid=c1k3_l2gxk

I hope you enjoy it and it keeps you as cozy and warm through the cooler months as it already has for me!

You can purchase a super convenient printable PDF version from my Etsy and Ravelry. Links to my shops up above.


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Size: Adult, One Size

A bit of history behind the name: In the 12th and 13th centuries the Knights Templar were granted land and properties in Yorkshire. In 1240 the Knights Templar were granted by Royal Charter of Henry III, the right to hold a market in Wetherby (known then as Werreby). From 1318 to 1319 the North of England suffered many raids from the Scots. According to the blue plaque at the entrance to the lane, Scott Lane could be named after the Scottish raiders in 1318 or the 18th-century drovers who used Wetherby as a watering place. In the heyday of the coaching era, Wetherby had up to forty inns and alehouses. The first recorded mail coach arrived in Wetherby in 1786. In 1824, William Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire sold the town of Wetherby (except one house) to finance work at Chatsworth. Wetherby provides the setting for the novel Oldbury (1869) by Annie Keary.

For more history behind the name visit : www.wikipedia.com

Thank you so much for your shop support! I hope you love it!! If you should need any help or have questions along the way, please contact me via my Etsy shop or Email.

About Me:

I was taught to knit as a little girl and it was something I instantly loved and found so calming.

On a cold and rainy English day, my Gran taught me something that would forever remind me of her.

A feeling that would ring in my head just about every time I pick up my needles. For just a moment, I am back in England with my Gran, enjoying the inside. A beautiful grey moody sky going on around me.


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