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Ely Shawl

A bit of History behind the name: Ely, England

Elyis a cathedral city in the East Cambridgeshire district of Cambridgeshire in the east of England. Ely has been called a city for a long time because it has a cathedral. However, the Royal Charter making it a city was only issued in 1974. Ely is built on clay which is one of the highest points in the Fens. This is very different to the West of Cambridgeshire which is made up of limestone. The landscape was a large marsh until the 18th century, when much of the Fens was drained, making Ely no longer an island. The marshes also had many different animals in them such as the Eel, which the city is named after.

For more history behind the name visit : www.wikipedia.com

Be cozy. Be kind.


Harbour Cowl

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The Ely Shawl

The Ely Shawl is worked up with one of my favorite yarns from Lionbrand Yarn, Wool Spun - back from the vault!! I couldn't wait to get a few skeins of this and I was so excited with how they all blended together. I normally prefer working with more neutral tones, ones that I find will easily blend with any outfit, but these colors together are a new fave! I can't get over how the colors play off each other and make such a beautiful piece.

I also liked how it only took 4 skeins to work this up, making it a very budget friendly make. This yarn is a wool/acrylic blend and is a #5 bulky. It glides off the hook making it wonderful to work with. The finished piece also feels incredibly light when worn, all adding up to "I can't wait to add this into my Winter/Spring cold weather layer mix". I always need an extra layer of warmth. You can find me in Summer sometimes needing a little something and the more I think about it, this is an all year round piece. I can see me always reaching for this!

I also made an optional toggle/button for this one. Sometimes things that are wrapped move around on a busy day, and I'm not always a fan of fixing my outfit constantly. So for this one, I had plenty of yarn left over to make this toggle which only took an extra five minutes. Depending how you wear it, you can wrap it into the layer, button it and voila, your style stays locked in place no matter what the busy day throws at you.

For an easy to read pattern layout, you can pick up the PDF in my Etsy or Ravelry Shops.

Available as a Kit through Lionbrand Yarns website which includes the PDF Pattern + yarn needed to complete this project.


1.Chain does not count as a stitch in this pattern. Your first stitch goes into this space.

2.Shawl worked entirely in the Extended Half Double Crochet stitch.

3.I didn’t carry the yarn between rows, the carry was visible. I cut the yarn between color rows and weaved in the ends at the end.

4.The Shawls shape/size takes place by increasing twice on each end, every row as indicated.

5.I created a Toggle Button closure (optional) to be used to hold the Shawl in place, depending how you wrapped it or decide to wear it.

-Steam block when done.


**Please check your gauge before you start this Pattern to match the finished measurements for this pattern:

It’s best to make your swatch slightly bigger than what the pattern states it should measure so you can measure it in the center of your square, getting an accurate reading. You can do this by adding 2 additional stitches and work 2 additional rows. Do not count the first and last stitch in your measurement or the first and last row.

Hook Size Suggestions:

  • If your swatch has less stitches, swatch again using a smaller hook.

  • If your swatch has more stitches, swatch again using a larger hook.







DESCRIPTION: This easy to work up and colorful shawl, will add comfort and style to any outfit.


Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick, 6 oz.

#6, 106 yds + 87 yards

Skeins : 1 in Fossil Color A

1.5 in Charcoal Color B


Clover Amour M/N

(9 mm) or one needed to obtain gauge

Optional: Toggle Button Closure made using a

J Hook (5.5mm)


Yarn Needle for weaving in ends

GAUGE (unblocked)

unblocked) 7.5 stitches x 5 rows = 4 inch in ehdc

* Matching stitches per inch will get your width to match.

Be cozy. Be kind.

Finished measurements : In inches

Fit: Standard

Length at the longest point

Width at the center point

65” (165.1 cm)

18.5 (46.99 cm)

Stitches to Know

Ch = chain

ehdc = Extended half double crochet

2ehdc = Work 2 ehdc in the same stitch

inc. = Increase

MC = Magic Circle

sc = Single Crochet.

st(s) = Stitch(es)

How to use Toggle

Place the loop between the stitches of the two areas you want to secure and then loop it around the button to lock it in place as you would a toggle button. See pic 2.

Attach it anywhere along the shawl to hold your style in place. Along the shoulder or in the front if wearing as a wrap.

Weaving in ends

1. Cut yarn leaving approx. 7” in length tail.

2. Weave in ends on the inside of the project.

3. Trim ends.

Ely Shawl

For an easy to read pattern layout, you can pick up the PDF in my Etsy or Ravelry Shops. Your support helps me to keep creating designs to share!

Available as a Kit through Lionbrand Yarns website which includes the PDF Pattern + yarn needed to complete this project. Create your own colorway combo!


See Notes before continuing.

Use the following Color Chart as you work the Rows.

A Oxford grey, B Blush, C Steel Blue, D Burgundy

In Rows: 3A, 5B, 2A, 4C, 2A, 3B, 1C, 2D, 1C, 1A

Chain 25 with Color A

Row 1:Beginning in the 2nd chain from the hook, 2ehdc in the first st, 2ehdc in the next stitch, ehdc till the last two stitches, 2ehdc, 2ehdc -28 sts (4 inc. made)

Row 2-22:Ch2, turn, 2ehdc, 2ehdc, ehdc till the last two stitches, 2ehdc, 2ehdc

  • After row 22, we will only do 1 increase per end

Row 23: Ch2, turn, 2ehdc, ehdc the row, 2ehdc at the end

Row 24: (We will be crocheting each ehdc stitch between the posts). Ch2, turn, ehdc the entire row

  • Cut yarn, weave in ends.

(Optional) Toggle


Color D, use J hook

MC ch1, sc5 into it, Slip Stitch to join in the round

  • Cinch up the Magic Circle

Round 1: Ch1, sc twice into each stitch, Slip Stitch to join - 10st

Round 2: Ch1, turn, Slip stitch into each stitch, join in the round- 10sts

  • This round helps the button lay flat and give it a sturdy nature.

*Immediately chain 30, cut yarn, secure the last stitch.

  • Using your yarn needle, attach the end tail to the button at the start of the long chain you made. Creating a loop. See pic above.

  • Weave in the ends on the button, and trim.

Voila! You’re done! Block your Shawl!

© 2021 For more cozy patterns visit: www.whistleandwool.com

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