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Give A Way Awesomeness!!

Hi everyone!!! So many yarns, not enough hours in the day!1 As you know if you've been following me for a little bit, I'm a long time yarn lover of Lion brand Yarn. I have so many favorites over the last 3 decades of me knitting and crocheting that I couldn't tell you enough great things about them. To name a few, no matter what project i'm working on I know Vannas Choice will have the color my imagination desires. I can also know that all of the Thick and Quick skeins will somehow make that perfect chunky sweater I was dreaming up and just as I start it, it seems i'm done. With all the new yarns coming out I definitely have a harder time narrowing down what to work with next. Each one as brilliant as my favorite before and making me want to make alllll the things!!

A new yarn I tried which instantly is becoming a go to is the new Bulky line, Color Made Easy. It's soft and drapey, and somehow every color is a new unique tone to LB but oh so fantastic!!

Lion brand very kindly teamed up with me on a new Give A Way that you will find going on over on my Instagram this Week 9/3/2019, and if you didn't catch my live going over each skein that's in there don't worry, I took a recap video which is down below and I hope you like everything we picked!! Some of my go to favorites and some I haven't tried yet so I was eager to add those in there so hopefully whomever wins also has a new skein to dig into and maybe add to their faves list!!

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!!

***This is also my first video (which will be obvious hehe) I could not get it to crop properly! Ugh lol. Please know i'll be getting better at the editing portion AND if you have a favorite video editing format for Apple video, by all means, drop it in the comments below! I'd love the help in finding a user friendly software to make this easier and a better vid for you all!

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