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Harbour Hat

A bit of History behind the name: Harbours in England

A harbour (British English; see spelling differences) or harbor (American English), (synonyms: wharves, haven). Harbour means to shelter or keep safe. A harbour is a place where ships may shelter. Some harbours are used as ports to load and unload ships. The port will have quays or piers where the ships may be moored or tied up and a transport system for taking goods inland. The UK’s largest Port is Grimsby and Immingham.

For more history behind the name visit : www.wikipedia.com

Be cozy. Be kind.


Harbour Cowl

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The Harbour Hat

The Harbour Hat works up quickly and is one of those classic styles that I always love to add to any outfit! It's packed full of comfortable stretch which also feels weightless as you wear it. Using the Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn makes this feel super soft and squishy. Making it a perfect accessory for even the coolest days. Thick and Quick yarn also makes this project done in no time! There are so many color combos that would look lovely with this pattern.

Alternated in two colorways gives this an effect of having a separate brim, giving it a bit of personality all to its own.

The perfect hat for a beginner to pro! Work one up for your entire family and friends (GIFTS) as this is a hat that will look great on everyone and go with countless outfits!

Working these up in different color combos will give each one a unique feel too. Some of the T and Q colorways that have a variegated tones can give this an Ombre look when used on the brim, melting into a solid colorway on the top.

If you have just over an hour, scraps of yarn left over, you can have your self a hat!

For an easy to read pattern layout, you can pick up the PDF in my Etsy or Ravelry Shops.

Available as a Kit through Lionbrand Yarns website which includes the PDF Pattern + yarn needed to complete this project.


This hat is worked bottom-up and in the round.

A total stitch count for the Round will follow any inc./dec. (ie. - 10sts)

Steam block when done.


**Please check your gauge before you start this Pattern to match the finished measurements for this pattern:

It’s best to make your swatch slightly bigger than what the pattern states it should measure so you can measure it in the center of your square, getting an accurate reading. You can do this by adding 2 additional stitches and work 2 additional rows. Do not count the first and last stitch in your measurement or the first and last row.

Needle Size Suggestions:

  • If your swatch has less stitches, swatch again using a smaller needle.

  • If your swatch has more stitches, swatch again using a larger needle.






Adult- Fits Child to Adult


A classic Rib Hat that styles with any outfit made with a seamless decrease.


Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick, 6 oz.

#6, 106 yds + 87 yards

Yards used :

Color A - 12yd in Fossil

Color B - 43yd in Charcoal


Takumi circulars 16”

US 13 (9 mm) or needle needed to obtain gauge. *DPNS needed for crown decrease or use the magic loop method.


Yarn Needle for weaving in ends, Stitch Marker

GAUGE(blocked, in the round)

12.5 sts x 12 rows = 4” in (1 x 1 rib)

Matching stitches per inch will get your width to match.

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Be cozy. Be kind.

Harbour Hat

Finished measurements : In inches

Head Circ.

Adult: Fits 20-22” (51-58.5 cm)


Fitted, with stretch

Width (laid flat)

7.25” (18.4 cm)

Height (laid flat)

8.75” ( 22.2 cm)

Stitches to Know

BOR - Beginning of the round

Dec - Decrease

K - Knit

k2tog - Knit two stitches together

P - Purl

SM - Stitch Marker

SSK - Slip, slip, knit (left slanting decrease)

  • Decrease method as follows, slip 1 knitwise, slip 1 purlwise, onto your right needle. Insert your left needle into the front of both stitches, knit the two together.

  • NOTE: Make sure your yarn is in the back before you start slipping your stitches

Weaving in ends

  1. Cut yarn leaving approx. 7” in length tail.

  2. Pull the end through the last stitch to secure it.

  3. Weave in ends on the inside of the project.

  4. Trim ends.

Harbour Hat

For an easy to read pattern layout, you can pick up the PDF in my Etsy or Ravelry Shops. Your support helps me to keep creating designs to share!

Available as a Kit through Lionbrand Yarns website which includes the PDF Pattern + yarn needed to complete this project. Create your own colorway combo!


Cast on 44, with Color A, join in the round, place SM for BOR


Round 1-4: Color A, (k1, p1) for the round

Round 5-20: Color B, (k1, p1) for the round

Crown Decrease, Color B

Round 1: *(k1, p1 x 2), SSK, repeat after * for the round, last 2 stitches k1, p1 - 37sts

Round 2: *(k1, p1 x 2), k1, repeat after * for the round, ends in k1, p1 -37 sts

Round 3: (k1, p1 x 2), k2tog, *p, k, p, k2tog, repeat after *, ends in a p1 - 30sts

Round 4: SSK, for the round - 15sts

Round 5: k2tog for the round till last stitch, k1 - 8sts

Cinching up the Crown

Step 1: Cut your working yarn, leaving a long tail, approx. 12” (30.5 cm). Thread your yarn needle onto it.

Step 2:Slip the remaining stitches purlwise onto your yarn needle.

Step 3:Cinch up the crown and going through the stitches a few more times to secure them.

  • Weave in all your ends.

Voila! You’re done! Block your hat!

Also available - A MATCHING COWL!

© 2021 For more cozy patterns visit: www.whistleandwool.com

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