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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I’m excited to announce a new 2021 Traveling Afghan CAL project sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn, in in conjunction with Lion Brand’s “My Life in Yarn” campaign. This years theme will be called the “Traveling Seasons Afghan”. This year's Traveling Afghan will again be a collaborative effort, but on a smaller scale due to the changing times.

Starting in January, the 1st of 12 Afghan square designs will begin its seasonal journey to a new designer every month, spanning across the U.S. and Canada. Each designer will create a 13"x 13" square, designed with their favorite memories behind that season. As we create these squares just before the season starts we can share in all the memories we hold onto year after year. Each row representing fond memories of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Creating with yarn is a way for us to connect with one another and with memories built in. A completed border will be the last destination on the journey, bringing our theme to a close.

Starting in January, the Traveling Seasons Afghan will begin its journey starting with me, Whistle and Wool, from California to a new designer every four weeks. Each designer will create and add their square to the Afghan before sending it on to the next designer to add theirs.

You can find the patterns published free online so you can follow along with us and create your own crochet Afghan! This year-long collaborative effort connects us with one another and with memories built in.

Here's how YOU can participate:

1. Purchase your skeins all in advance or as the months go, so you have everything you need to get started with us when the first square pattern is released in January. We will be using under 1 skein of Lionbrands Woolease Yarn in Grey Heather for each square. You’re welcome to use any comparable worsted yarn you'd like, including what you may already have in your stash. All squares will be made using a J/10 (6mm) crochet hook.

2. Below is a list of this year's designers from Lionbrand Yarn and links to their sites, as well as the Afghan itinerary. Follow the designers on social media for a new square each month, as the Afghan travels around for each season.

3. All Square Patterns will be made available on the Designer’s Blog when their square is up next in the Season. The patterns will be available there for FREE, or for purchase as an ad-free PDF version on their Website or Ravelry for $1. All links to the Designers are linked below, along with the map destinations.

Want to have some virtual maker fun?

Host a virtual CAL with your maker friends! Getting together online to share in your favorite memories along the way as you create your squares. Tag @MyLifeInYarn and @LionBrandYarn on your Instagram posts and use the hashtags #mylifeinyarn #travelingseasonsafghan #lbtravelingseasonsafghan and #seasonsafghan2021.


SEASONS AFGHAN SQUARE GRID: Pop back at the 1st of the month to see the next square get filled in! See the list of makers to the right to see whose next!

Website/Blog links!

  1. January - Whistle and Wool, #!

  2. February - EClaireMakery, #2

  3. March - Two of wands, #3

  4. April - Pink Plumeria Maui, #4

  5. May - Little Red Knits, #5

  6. June - Evelyn and Peter, #6

  7. July - Knits and Knots by Ame, #7

  8. August - TL Yarn Crafts, #8

  9. September - Rohn Strong, #9

  10. October - Meghan Makes Do, #10

  11. November - Capitol Crochet, #11

  12. December - Coco Crochet Lee, #12

  13. Border - Rain and Bolt

Follow everyone on Instagram for their Square updates! IG links below!

  1. January - Whistle and Wool

  2. February - EClaireMakery

  3. March - Two of wands

  4. April - Pink Plumeria Maui

  5. May - Little Red Knits

  6. June - Evelyn and Peter

  7. July - Knits and Knots by Ame

  8. August - TL Yarn Crafts

  9. September - Rohn Strong

  10. October - Meghan Makes Do

  11. November - Capitol Crochet

  12. December - Coco Crochet Lee

  13. Border - Rain and Bolt


What do I need to do to participate?

Just follow along on social media or through the individual designers’ blogs to get notified when a pattern is released at the beginning of every month. I will also be linking all of the patterns as they are published on the Afghan Grid above, so you can use it as a hub to find all of the patterns.

You can purchase all the yarn you will need for the Afghan on the Lion Brand site here. Exact measurements of yarn needed will be listed per pattern by the designer.

Follow the hashtags #mylifeinyarn #travelingseasonsafghan #lbtravelingseasonsafghan and #seasonsafghan2021 as well as the @mylifeinyarn @LionBrandYarn Instagram accounts to see updates on this project and more!

Tools: Every pattern will be using a J/10 (6mm) hook for each square. Adjust as needed to obtain gauge per pattern. You will also need scissors and a yarn needle to weave in your ends and seam the squares together as you go.

When will the patterns be released?

Each designer will release their square at the first of the month. Check the itineraries above to see where the Afghan currently is!

Why do I have to go searching on so many different sites for the patterns?

Each square is released by the individual designer because it is their creative work and memory infused to their square. I will have easy/clickable direct links to each pattern on this main hub for a quick and easy transition to their website and pattern.

How difficult are the patterns?

All of the patterns will be in the beginner/beginner+ range.

What if this yarn isn’t available near me?

Any worsted weight yarn of any fiber content will work as a good substitute. I always recommend visiting a website like yarnsub.com, to find a substitute that is local, or accessible online to you.

Do I have to use all one color yarn like the original designs?

You can use any combo of colors you'd like to make this your special project. If you are an advanced crochet skill and want to work multiple colors per square, please know these kinds of changes may not be supported through the designers if it goes outside of the pattern parameters. Help and assistance would remain to details contained in and used throughout the pattern.

Can you recommend other Lion Brand Yarns I could sub with?

Here are some similar in weight and feel, that I've always enjoyed working with. Be sure to check the skein yardage as some may vary:

Vannas Choice

Basic Stitch Anti-Pill

Pound of Love

Fishermen’s Wool

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