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Shropshire 2 hour Throw

So I was always a little intimidated to make a blanket. Anyone else with me? I love to make garments but didn't think I had the patience to make a blanket. I love to see a quick shift in my makes taking place, so a blanket always seemed too much for me as I might not have enough time to devote to it, hours available in my days and weeks etc. Also the possibility of casting on other things in between to feel some progress and before you know it, I have waaaaay to many projects at once going lol.

Well, then comes this yarn! The gauge is super chunky, it was soft as can be, and I decided to give it a go!

After some designing trial and error, mulling over if I wanted to knit or crochet, multiple stitch patterns or one continuous stitch throughout, things began to take shape. As I got my first few drafts in and a few froggings under my belt getting the perfect combo, I quickly realized it worked up so quick, frogging didn't get me down.

I did love the look of the knit, but I knew so many knit versions with a similar yarn existed so I ultimately decided on crochet. With crochet, I went with a modification of a simple stitch. The math lover in my also enjoyed that it resembled the symbol for pi so I was sold hehe. Then came the fun brainstorming for adding a modern touch to an otherwise simple blanket to create.

I quickly saw that as Spring was approaching, so many stores like Anthropology etc. were featuring tassels everywhere and I loved the modern but casual vibe. At that time I thought about how i'd add my own unique touch to this super chunky blanket - matching the yarn color? bringing in a different weight? after a few sketches with different tassels types, placements etc. this simple design hit me as perfect!

Knowing how quickly it took me to make swatches and frog, I was curious just how long the blanket would take me. I started a movie and worked at a casual pace. I like to work at a casual pace a lot as this is a form of relaxing to me and so many others, so it gives a nice moderate average of how long this will take. Some might get this done quicker, others a bit longer, but i'm sure you'll still be in the 2 hour range. I finished the actual blanket before my movie was even close to being done. When I included making and steam blocking my tassels, applying them to the blanket etc., 2 hours went by! You can't beat that. So if you're looking to add some personal touches to your home, and want a simple start, I would say this is the perfect start!

This blanket not only gave a wonderful, personal touch to my home decor, but this is the perfect blanket to throw over your lap as you read, work with your yarn, or cover the kiddos as they work on homework or watch their favorite movie. It's also the right size to bring in the car when it's early morning, or evening, and sometimes the kiddos just need a bit of warmth until the heat has a chance to fill the car. I remember on early morning school drop offs for my eldest, my littler kids always wanted that blanket right away heading outside of the house.

You can pick up this kit via the Lionbrand website, link below. They often have a coupon code you can apply to kits , which the kits are the coolest thing. All the yarn (color choices available) and pattern get delivered right to your door!


If you have some of this yarn at home and just want the PDF, please visit my shop tabs above and purchase from your fave, Ravelry or Etsy.

Thank you so much and I hope you love it!

Also, included on the pattern is a written step by step Tassel tutorial, but here's a photo tutorial also.

Tassel Tips: Steam block all Tassels before trimming and applying them to your project!

Also available is this instructional tutorial via Lionbrand Yarn.



1. Cut all the pieces, and amount specified on your pattern.

2. Lay 1 yarn piece down horizontally.

3. Now place your yarn pieces down vertically, on top of that yarn.

4. (Pic 1) Take the horizontal yarn and tie a knot around all the pieces, centered. Your Center String.

5. Now pull up on this Center String so all your tassels ends point down.

6. (Pic 2) Use another yarn piece to tie a knot around all these pieces, approx. 1 inch down from the top, creating a neck to the Tassel (Pic 3).

* Do not cut the tie ends, until specified in your pattern.

* Steam Block all the tassels, then trim and even out the ends.

Enjoy and happy making!

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