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Surrey Hooded Fox Blanket

When one of my little's requested her own blanket to wrap up in on cold mornings, this fun design began to unfold. I was so excited to design this! From picking which ear design she liked the best, to helping me find the perfect name for this design, it's still her favorite blanket to wear and be cozy in! It's what all of us love to see our handmade creations become... favorites! She looked so cozy in it, I even graded it for Adult size, so everyone can be comfy!

The cool thing about this Blanket too is the Child size only needs 1 Skein of "I wanna make a Blankie" yarn 437 yards, Adult size needs 2 skeins, with plenty left over to add extra height adjustments. The length for each size reaches floor length, but I also added additional details for adding more height and width if needed.

The affordability of this blanket alone makes it such a great gift! Along with that this yarn is possibly the softest and nicest chenille-like yarn to work with. It's slightly thicker then the similar yarns out there, and has an extra bit of fluff. So with that it works up so quick, and once you get into the rhythm of the stitch and seeing it transform before your very eyes, this is quite the fun project. The hood itself only takes about a half an hour. It has different sizes for Adult and Child, but still takes roughly the same amount of time. If you're making gifts for the whole family, want a cute photo shoot or matching outfits for a special event, you'll love making dupes of this one!

With the ears my little one was sure she needed the fox ears to stay up. If they flopped or weren't pointed enough, mom got back to the drawing board. I created about 5 different options because I really wanted this to be everything she imagined it would be! When she picked her favorite ear, I then had the idea to double its thickness. This not only insured it stood up straight, wear after wear, wash after wash, but she always had that fox look every time she wore it! With the ears, I include in the pattern a nice photo tutorial to show you all the steps, and I go into a bit of detail on how I sewed it on. Sometimes this isn't always explained in depth, but really, for this one the way you sew them on really changes the look! I hope with that extra bit of clarification you get the sturdy ears that I was able to create.

As a final step I decided to add little hand warmers. Not only does this help give your hands a bit of warm but it helps wrap up real tight in this one! With a nice grip on the edges, it makes walking around and keeping all that warmth in that much easier without stretching out the corners by just grabbing onto the ends.

This yarn also comes in other colors so you can easily create a new look, and by subbing the Woolease Thick and Quick on the details, you can customize and really have fun with this one.


The PDF patterns are available in my Love Crafts, Ravelry and Etsy shops. You will see links to my shops on my tabs above.

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